A Decade of Women Empowerment

Impala’s Cherished Partnership with AWiB

For over a decade, Impala Communication has had the distinct honor of walking hand in hand with AWiB, forging a partnership that has thrived on dialogue, consultation, and empowerment. With the passage of time, this alliance has grown in strength, leaving a deep-rooted mark on both organizations.

From the outset, the vision of AWiB was clear—to cultivate women leaders as well as to champion women leaders and showcase their remarkable contributions to their communities. In pursuit of this vision, Impala Communication joined forces, creating over 60 profile videos that spotlighted these women of excellence. Each story captured the essence of their dedication and the impact they’ve had on their communities.

Our journey didn’t stop there. Together, we embarked on a diverse range of video projects, narrating AWiB’s incredible evolution and the various concepts that have shaped its identity. These videos have not only been a testament to AWiB’s growth but also a source of inspiration to countless others.

At the helm of AWiB stands Nahu Senay Girma, a remarkable leader whose contributions to women leaders have been nothing short of transformative. Terusew, our co-founder of Impala Communication, and Nahu, their annual spirited debates on video concepts and themes have become a cherished tradition, a highlight of each passing year.

The partnership between Impala and AWiB has been an enriching experience, one marked by shared values, unwavering dedication, and the unshakable belief in the power of storytelling to effect change. As we celebrate over a decade of collaboration, our commitment to fostering women’s empowerment remains resolute.

Looking ahead, we are determined to continue our partnership, weaving more stories of inspiration, celebrating the achievements of women leaders, and contributing to a future where gender equity is the norm. Together, we stand as a testament to the enduring strength of partnerships that are driven by a shared vision of empowerment and progress. Find out more about Impala Communication at https://impalacommunication.com/

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