Mesenbet Shenkute, General Manager, New Dimension Management Consultancy

Mesenbet Shenkute is a formidable banker who has earned numerous accolades for her contributions to the banking industry. Leveraging her many years of academic and practical learnings in banking, she formed and manages New Dimension Management Consultancy to impart her knowledge and to advise those who would like to start a business by showing the ins and outs of investing in Ethiopia.

Mesenbet supports those aspiring businesses but don’t know how or where to begin. They have the money to invest but the real success comes answering where and why?   New Dimension as the names says it all was started to support investors to think differently and critically in their ambition to be in business. New Dimension is about turning a project into a money making and profitable venture.  It supports clients from needs assessment, market research to implementation and evaluation. It also advises and guides the management team using the concept of management turnaround.

Mesenbet started her career in the Development Bank of Ethiopia, where she served for more than 20 years in different units until she reached the position of Vice President of Credit Management which is the core business of the bank.  She is recognized by many as spearhead of the Bank’s transformation to a higher level.

Mesenbet’s next move was to help establish Abay Bank with new vision. She was also one of the founders of Abay, but her role as its President who transformed the Bank a notch higher as a private bank was her salient contribution not only to Abay but to the industry in general. Even though it is difficult to stand out in a highly regulated industry that asks for uniformity and no differing ideas, she managed Abay for 7 years making it client friendly since banking is about relationship.

Abay’s effort under Mesenbet’s leadership striving for top notch customer service has made the bank the first to implement online banking. Expanding the bank’s outreach in a short time and the keen attention given to the retention and development of its human resources by providing the workforce with tools to constantly recreate themselves and increase their capacity for innovation has brought this woman leader to the attention of many and that also had its consequences. Mesenbet is the last female bank president. There is no female at the top position in the banking industry in Ethiopia at the present.

Mesenbet believes that reaching C-Suite in a male dominated world is no mean feat. Though she believes challenges are gifts that force her to search for a new center of gravity–a new ground to stand on. She also believes in the value of working hard & tirelessly–testimonial to where she is today—sitting at the table.

Mesenbet Shenkute is the President of Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association, Chairperson of Ethiopian Space Science Society, Board member of the Ethiopian Quality Award & Board member of Achamo University.

Mesenbet Earned her BA from AAU in Management and Public Administration, and MBA from Open University, London.