Fikirte Addis, Owner & Designer, Yefikir Design

A trained psychologist, nonetheless, Fikirte’s life journey turned into the fashion world to become one of the most exciting and dynamic young fashion designers of Ethiopia who has earned the respect of the fashion world; she has won origin Africa designer showcase 2011 and has shown her works all over the world including Addis, South Africa, Lagos, New York, Paris and Prague. By participating in several international fashion arenas, Fikirte exposes Ethiopian fabrics for their sophistication, colorfulness and uniqueness.

Fikirte started designing in high school enjoying the freedom of creating and experimenting with different designs and fabrics. This hobby and passion eventually developed and turned into opening her own label, “Yefikir Designto mean, the Love Design, in 2009.  Fikirte works with the hand woven Ethiopian textiles that are abundantly and richly produced within the country. The fabrics made in various parts of Ethiopia where weaving is widely practiced are of finer aesthetics and quality. Fikirte is mainly known for turning this fabric into tailored made and fashionable designs without losing its cultural touch for the modern day women. The main fabrics used in all her designs are handmade cotton and the designs are to give comfort with style. She designs from casual to wedding dresses mainly for women.

Fikirte gets her inspiration from the authentic and beautiful Ethiopian culture that always has a unique story to tell and she tailors it to fit the today thought and way of being. “Because I am part of the today world, I feel that I am grounded and guided by the beautiful culture and tradition and my journey of finding my balance are the concepts you see in the designs” says Fikirte.

As a psychologist working with children, her other passion, she manages to integrate the two professions to reach out to disadvantaged kids in Ethiopia. As a designer she creates awareness in various sensitive issues regarding children such as child labor by establishing many socially responsible production systems like child labor free products, ensuring fair payments and also creating job opportunities for mothers. Fikirte gives back to the community by participating in various fundraising activities using fashion show as a tool.

Fikirte was the first young fashion designer that AWiB strives to bring out to the Ethiopian public along with the Women of Excellence AWiB celebrates every year. This platform, created with the idea of exposing young and upcoming designers to the Ethiopian community, no less has opened door to this young designer’s success within our community.

Fikirte has earned BA and MA in Educational Psychology from Addis Ababa University