Women of Excellence 2016

There are quite a few courageous women and men who are quietly serving their community the best they can and igniting colossal gains. The challenges are monumental but these individuals strive to excel against the odds. Their tenacity is the hallmark of their success and commitment. AWiB chose to bring out those women of excellence from their trenches in every field and present them to the public.

We asked the community at large for nominees and we found eighteen. Out of these, we short listed six. All six will be celebrated at this gala dinner and outside judges will select with utmost care and pick the one who takes the AWiB WOE titleholder. Appreciating these individuals we trust will be inspirational to others. AWiB strives to increase the heroines of our nation so when the young are asked who their role models are, they would look inside and pick their own. The major funds raised from this event goes to help the less privileged excel in their own aspirations. We aspire to inspire! 

WOE Celebration Program, October 30, 2016 at Sheraton Addis, Lalibela Hall

16:00-16:30         Guests arrive; Music show by Hibir String Quartet at the Atrium

16:30                     WOE 2016 arrive at Sheraton

16:30- 17:45        Facilitated Dialogue with WOE & photo session with guests

17:45-18:00         Guests take their seats in Lalibela Hall

18:00            MC (Munit Mesfin) introduces the 5th year WOE Celebration and set the tone for the evening

18:15                     On AWiB (15 minutes film) & Presenting AWiB 2017 Board Members

18:50                     Acknowledging AWiB Guests of Honor: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 WOE Titleholders

19:00                     Poetry in motion by Konjit Seyoum and Elizabeth H.Wold

19:20                     Presenting the first three WOE 2016 in film

19:40                     GAMO Circus group, Female Contortionists

19:45                     presenting the 2nd part of WOE 2016 in film

20:00                    Dinner and Musical Entertainment by Hibir String Quartet

20:45                     WOE 2016 Judges on the process choosing WOE 2016 Titleholder

21:00                     Keynote Address by Bogalech (Boge) Gebre, Founder & Director KMG Ethiopia

21:15                     Announcing WOE 2016 Titleholder & Acceptance Speech

21:30                     End of 2016 WOE Celebration


EMAHOY FEKERTE MARIAM…   A revolutionary nun
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HERMELLA WONDIMU   A young well of potential
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SABELLA BELAYNESH ABAY…   An unofficial cultural ambassador
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SELOME TADESSE   A bold and outspoken trailblazer
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SENAIT FISSEHA (M.D)…   A dedicated and compassionate medical professional
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TSEHAY RÖSHLI   A haven for destitute children
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