Women in Top Leadership Positions:

Businesses today are proving quite challenging, yet ever evolving, with the advancement of technology, innovative opportunities and complex global interactions. These challenges require diverse approaches in terms of perspectives and experiences. This entails recognizing the importance of including more women in leadership positions and roles. Studies have shown time and time again that creating an environment with a focus on supporting, advancing and retaining women, and allowing them to thrive and practice their potential is good for business. Having more female leaders and bridging the gap of gender division in leadership would bring new ways of operating and more insight to organizations `(Lahti, 2013). Hence businesses should strive to consider the challenges women face when trying to climb the corporate ladder and foster means to reduce the obstacles specific to women through trainings and supportive coaching initiatives.

The concept of leadership comprises of people, goals and influence; leadership is influential actions used to achieve goals, it is people-driven and it is the ability to inspire people to help achieve the set goals of an organization (Daft et. al, 2010). Seeing that leadership as a concept can be very broad, female leadership should be considered and approached as one type of leadership style, one that should be recognized as very much valuable to today’s organizations.

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