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The Network of Ethiopian Women’s Associations (NEWA) is a national network of Ethiopian societies who share the goal of advancing women’s rights, gender equality and women’s empowerment in Ethiopia. NEWA is committed to sustaining its transformational struggle for the improvement of women’s lives and status in Ethiopia over the long term and asks for the support in effort, passion and resources of all who care about women’s rights. Challenged by recent legislation to raise 90% of its funds locally, NEWA’s key strategy to sustain its work is to create the state-of-the-art Ethiopian Women’s Center to serve as a hub, advocating for women’s rights and fostering income generation for its network and member organizations.

Originally established in 2003 as a national network of non-governmental organizations and women’s associations working for women’s advancement, the Network of Ethiopian Women’s Associations (NEWA) aims for nothing less than gender equality and women’s empowerment in Ethiopia. By 2009, NEWA had reached a membership of 42 organizations and associations reaching into all corners of the country.

Following the promulgation of the new Charities and Societies law in 2009, NEWA reconstituted itself as an Ethiopian Societies Consortium whose members are all Ethiopian Societies – all committed and permitted under law to advocate for women’s rights. Today, NEWA has 8 member organizations and associations located in several regions of the country. NEWA and its members aim to sustain the transformational struggle for gender equality and women’s empowerment in Ethiopia over the long term, until their vision of gender equality is realized.

Current law requires organizations like NEWA and its members that advocate for rights to raise 90% of their funds locally from Ethiopian sources. NEWA views this regulation as both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge lies in building a new culture of humanitarian support for advocacy work among individuals and businesses in Ethiopia, quickly enough to maintain the strength of NEWA’s work. The opportunity lies in building a strong and vibrant movement among the women and men of Ethiopia for creating the world of shared opportunity and equal rights that they want their daughters and sons to inherit.

NEWA seeks support in volunteer labor, in shared advocacy and in donation of funds to help sustain this long-term effort to transform the lived reality of women’s (and men’s) lives.


The Ethiopian Women’s Center The Center will be a full-service conference and training facility. The Center will house wellequipped conference & training halls, restaurants, an audio/visual and IT Center, a Gender Resource Center, offices, a business service center, and a community radio station. The center will be available to member associations and organizations at low cost for conferences, workshops, trainings and public forums. The facilities of the center will be made available at market rates to other organizations requiring conference and workshop facilities. Further, restaurant, business, and IT/audio-visual services will be sold to conference facility users and others. A market study has documented significant shortage of high-quality conference facilities in Addis Ababa, so that NEWA is confident that revenue from rental and services can be significant.

The cost of the project, including construction, equipment and furniture, and start-up costs, is around 50 million birr. Progress to date includes:

• Acquisition of the land for the center in the CMC area, donated by the Addis Ababa City Administration;

• Birr 7.8 million raised to date – approximately 16% of the total cost;

• Formation of a National Advisory Board of prominent individuals to spearhead the fundraising for the project.

NEWA seeks the support of all Ethiopians and residents of Ethiopia, the business sector, international organizations, UN agencies, governmental and non-governmental organizations to realize this noble initiative of constructing the future Ethiopian Women’s Center. Donors will be recognized for their contributions in the future Women’s Center through an honor roll of giving and, at higher giving levels, through inscribing names in key walls and spaces in the Center.

NEWA would value your support as a donor, as an advocate for the Center, and as a volunteer to assist with the fund-raising effort. To contact us for more information, volunteer to help, and/or to make a donation, please use these addresses.

Mail: Network of Ethiopian Women’s Associations P O Box 27159/1000 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Office

Telephone: +251 -118-69-31-84 +251 -911 24- 47- 81

Fax: +251 115 52 34 91

Email: newaethiopia@gmail.com


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