Kidame Mart: Ethiopia’s Last Mile Distribution Solution

Birtukan lives in Nada, Oromia, a rural village which does not have access to paved roads. She used to be a fruit seller in the market. Now, she works for Kidame Mart selling products such as Unilever soaps and detergents, Anchor fortified milk, pasta, and flour. Through the sale of her Kidame Mart goods, she has been able to improve the welfare of her children by providing them with better clothing and nutritious food, in addition to covering the money she owes to her equb regularly. She stands as Kidame Mart’s top seller thanks to her supportive husband who helps her sell products door to door throughout their village.

There are many more women like Birtukan that have made significant positive changes to their lives by becoming entrepreneurs with Kidame Mart. At Kidame Mart, we ignite the potential of female entrepreneurs to deliver high impact products (such as Unilever soaps) and fast moving consumer goods (such as pasta) to last mile consumers. We currently engage with 174 women in seven villages surrounding Wolkite, Mekele, and Jimma. Expansion to Shashamane is planned for September, and there is a continuous search to scale our impact. By 2021, Kidame Mart is looking to break even, be present in 150 woredas, engage with 7,720 female entrepreneurs, and reach 24.5 million customers.

Considering the magnitude of this goal, Kidame Mart is looking for partners to help us scale. More specifically, we are looking for:

  • Organizations that can build an ICT system to keep track of women’s sales
  • Strategic consultants with analytical thinking
  • Organizations that can provide assistance with training for women
  • Clients seeking our services to distribute their products at the last mile

We hope you will join us in our effort to empower women throughout Ethiopia via last mile distribution channels.

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