Tigist Abate


Tigist Abate is the VP of Operations at Enat Bank S.C. Tigist has 24 years of banking experience at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE). During her tenure at CBE, Tigist held various managerial positions, including Vice President of the Credit Appraisal Team, Director of the Credit Appraisal Team, Director of Business and Corporate Customers Relationship Management Team, and Manager of Corporate Communications.

Tigist’s educational background includes an MBA in International Business from the University of Greenwich and a BA in Accounting from Addis Ababa University. She has also participated in numerous long-term and short-term trainings, workshops, and conferences, both locally and internationally, to equip herself with extensive knowledge and skills in leadership, corporate finance, business analysis, and other critical areas that enable her to make significant contributions to the financial sector of the country.

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