Tihitina Legesse

General Manager

Tihitina Legesse is a formidable second-generation businesswoman who took over her family’s company, excelling and growing the brand and business WARYT MULUTILA INTERNATIONAL PLC. WARYT is a 30-year-old, successful Ethiopian furniture family business. She worked her way up in the company even if it was a family business. She believes her experience and challenge in working in every department helped her achieve success.

Tihitina has a background in psychology and business with 18 years of work experience. She served in AWiB’s Board for two and a half years (2013-2015). She is leading an initiative in partnership with the Addis Ababa Labor and Social Affairs office to work on providing employment opportunities for Saudi returnees. Tihitina’s dedication lies in not only providing support but also sharing her knowledge and experiences.

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