Sonia Pasqua

Manager of Pasqua Giuseppe Steel Factory

Sonia Pasqua is the Manager of Pasqua Giuseppe Steel Factory, a 55-year-old family-owned steel factory. Driven by curiosity, Sonia actively engages with various government and private business development institutions. She played a significant role in organizing Ethiopia’s inaugural Trade and Investment directory for the International Chamber of Commerce of Geneva. She represents the Italian Community Association and serves on the Board of Directors for Lions Club Addis Ababa Greater.  

Sonia was a founding member of the Women Exporters Forum. Additionally, she collaborated with UNDP on the formation of the Afro Asia Chamber of Commerce. In 2004, Sonia and her husband Michele Cannizzaro founded the Africa Vacation Club and established the Sara Cannizzaro Child Minders Association (SCCMA), created in memory of her daughter.

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