Amakelech Lulu

CEO and general manager of Gishen Pharmacy

Amakelech Lulu is the CEO and general manager of Gishen Pharmacy, established in 1998. She built her empire, Gishen Pharmacy to over 10 active branches and 60 institutional clients with a large number of individual market bases.  Gishen Pharmacy has earned its prominence as the first in Ethiopia to start a 24-hour and weekend services, earning the brand, “People come first.”

Before starting her own pharmacy retail business in 1994, Amakelech served at numerous government health care centers. Amakelech is a certified life coach and mentor among other credentials. Her notable achievements include: serving as a board member of the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce; appointed as vice president of the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Association; won Pharmacy of the Year from different organizations in various years, consecutively.

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