WIDU Local Call: #WomenCall

Are you a women entrepreneur running a micro or small enterprise in Ethiopia and Tunisia looking to upgrade your business?

Then this is your opportunity to apply for WIDU’s first Local Call: #WomenCall!

Why a WIDU Local Call: #WomenCall?

Despite their potential, women are often excluded from business opportunities and encounter challenges in accessing finance and support networks. The #WomenCall is a proactive step towards supporting women entrepreneurs who have traditionally been underrepresented in various sectors.

More specifically, the #WomenCall aims to strengthen the financial autonomy of women owning micro and small businesses by providing them with financial resources and 1-on-1 business coaching to boost their entrepreneurial activities and improving their management skills.

By providing support tailored to needs the needs of women entrepreneurs, WIDU can challenge the specific barriers they face, promote gender equality, and empower women to realize their full potential as leaders and change-makers. The WIDU #WomenCall therefore aims to foster inclusivity in economic development by prioritizing women, especially those in underrepresented sectors and marginalized communities.

Who can apply to the #WomenCall?

The #WomenCall is open to all sectors of activity, whatever the region in Ethiopia and Tunisia.

Micro and small businesses whose activities are in sectors where women are under-represented, are located in rural areas in the country’s priority regions, have a strong potential to create value and jobs for vulnerable populations, and/or have an innovative dimension or environmental and societal impact, are strongly encouraged to participate in this Local Call.

To apply, click on: Local Call: #WomenCall | WIDU

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