TCU is calling university students to join its new chapters

True Culture University (TCU), a leading Pan-African Collegiate platform aims to uplift, showcase, and amplify the message of Pan-Africanism on university campuses. TCU dares to connect, educate, and uplift the global black collegiate population equipped with a futuristic technologically enhanced vision in which students have the tools, education, and ideology necessary to not only unify the Black World but actually have the tools to do so.

There are TCU chapters at Addis Ababa University, Bahir Dar University, Debre Birhan University, and Gondar University. TCU has global chapters and a presence in Brazil, Kenya, Senegal, Ghana, the U.K., Washington D.C., and multiple universities in California.

TCU is currently expanding, establishing additional chapters across Ethiopia providing students with a platform to engage in meaningful discussions, organize events, and lead initiatives that promote Pan-Africanism and Unity.

If you are a university student and interested in joining the new chapters and becoming part of a vibrant network of universities committed to promoting Pan-Africanism, celebrating African heritage, and nurturing future leaders, join TUC. Also, share with university students in your circles.

To explore collaboration opportunities, discuss potential initiatives, access TCU’s resources, and ask any questions about chapter creation please reach out to our communication team at

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