Ordinary Extraordinaires

Cheers to the women in our lives, the ones that raised us, the ones that Taught & disciplined us, the ones that inspired us. There are not enough words that can fully capture the effect that these ordinary Extraordinaires had in our lives through their complex, interesting and authentic characters.

The process to excellence in these women is what I hold dear to my heart. It is what elevates the ordinary to extraordinary. I have briefly compartmentalized This process in to 7 guidelines for the one chasing excellence

Thou shall get her own way, her own money, her own success

It all begins with a sheer will, with a determination to be more than the present or to fight fate.

The first step is the scariest yet the most rewarding and crucial. It’s a stage of rebellion, a fight against the present be it in the mundane job you hate, your lifelong dream or the new business idea you have been thinking of.

The will to make it, no matter how inconvenient the present might be.

Thou shall vote alone for her dreams

Acknowledge your fears, but don’t let it overcome you

Who supported the dreamers or the visionaries you asked? I can tell you not a lot was lucky in finding faith amongst family, Peers or friends.

Vote for your dreams, choose them as they will make you whole. Yet it is also crucial to hear comments from your loved ones as they will give you things to think of, things to consider, challenges to prepare for as well. But don’t let the cowardness fill your head up

Thou shall dress up and enter the game

There is neither such thing as the “perfect’’ time nor the perfect you.

There is a line by Elon Musk that’s my personal favorite, ‘’ \”If you give yourself 30 days to clean your home, it will take you 30 days. But if you give yourself 3 hours, it will take 3 hours. The same applies to your goals, ambitions, and potential.\”

Don’t sit around worrying too much trying to be perfect, make do with what you have, don’t waste more of your time. Go out there and strive.

Thou shall always manage herself

Its not always about the ‘’I have a dream’’, it’s the ‘’I have a plan’’ that is the potent factor in success and excellence.

There will be plenty along the road that will shake us to the ground and even make us rethink from time to time ‘’ is this really worth it? “ or ‘’this is too much, I should quit’’

This is the stage where most fall, the dreaded time management, yet the most crucial. Being a woman, our responsibilities from work to our social lives, tend to be very broad and energy consuming hence why planning, scheduling and budgeting should be the heart of our everyday lives.

Thrive to manage yourself, and don’t let the environment manage you

Thou shall always make her next move better

You demand excellence and excellence demands your every move better.” ― Myra Yadav

Don’t be discouraged by the shortcomings of today, just make sure tomorrow you’ll be at least one step better, one step smarter and one step efficient. Success is a process and not a destination which also means you always have to challenge yourself to find things you can refine.

Thou shall network!

Your network is your net worth!

Take advantages of relationships around you. Always create a positive environment with people you meet. Ask questions that are rather personal than surface, find where your common interests are and get inspired from each other.

Get mentors or attend mentorship events, it is an awesome way to build your network as well as accelerating personal growth.

Thou shall Grind right!

The glorified ‘’I’ll sleep when I die’ mentality is a toxic way of thinking about success. Yes, giving more hours to the things we want to achieve works wonders, but over do that and the result is burnout or even scarring health.

Hustle right essentially means creating a balance between our health and our achievements, a quality life!