My Stay at AWiB

AWiB became a part of my life that I treasure the most. My stay at AWiB was a blessing. When I was at my lowest point in life, I came across AWiB’s internship call. It was during a time when I was unhappy and depressed.

AWiB drew me in and immersed me in an entirely new experience. It provided me with a safe space in which I can be my true self. AWiB also pushed me professionally. During my year stay at the office, I became aware of certain necessary skills. Recent work, like making phone calls to members, businesses, and hotels, have improved my marketing and communication skills. Most importantly, AWiB has increased my self-awareness. It was a year-long voyage of discovery. Not only did I learn about myself, but I also realized the value of being comfortable with my true self. I was able to learn from the experiences of others, which increased my appreciation for my journey and inspired me to give meaning to my sufferings. AWiB gave everything a good friend can give.

The last 12 months have been nothing short of fascinating. For me, the Women of Excellence (WOE) experience is outstanding. It is an uplifting experience to be part of a grand event where women are celebrated for the wonderful things they have accomplished. It also inspired me to strive for greatness. It was inspiring to be able to talk with four of the WOE nominees. AWiB also provided me with the opportunity to facilitate my own round table discussion (RTD), during which I was able to discuss and learn about the experiences of others with self-forgiveness. I was able to be vulnerable and share my story with AWiBers and got support on that.

The major takeaways from my stay are; One is I get to learn the value of networking, or as AWiB says it “your network is your net worth.” Two, I’ve come to value the importance of expressing gratitude and recognizing others. Third, AWiB taught me to be caring. The valuable lesson of caring about what we do, putting our hearts into it, and delivering it accordingly is an important one. It is important to look after ourselves and our surroundings. AWiB taught me in ways I never expected. AWiB is concerned about her members, staff, and interns. AWiB works day and night tirelessly to provide its members with the best possible experience. AWiB is like a friend who checks in on us. AWiB provided a shoulder to cry on. Fourth, I’ve come to recognize the importance of the dialogue culture. Bringing people together to discuss pressing issues is important in building a nation that communicates a common goal in a nation awed by negligence and selfishness. Most importantly, my experience taught me that beautiful things happen when we step outside our comfort zone.

Overall, AWiB opened my eyes to new possibilities. AWiB sowed the seeds of my personal and professional development. I’m still a work in progress, but I consider myself very fortunate to have begun my journey toward growth at AWiB. AWiB provided me with the other three internship friends who have become close to my heart.

For me, AWiB served as a way for me to focus on myself and reflect. Nonetheless, with the inspiration and skills I’ve gained, I hope to be a leader someday and be able to share what AWiB has done for me.

Hiwot Lemma AWiB 2022 Intern

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