Growing in Skills, Growing in Being

I smile when I reflect on what drew me to join a network such as AWiB! I feel stimulated, alive and hopeful when I attend the events and meetings. And I wonder, what’s behind that buzz I sense inside?

I would say that it’s the experience of the wonderful impulse of GROWTH.

Indeed, being a member (and board member) of the Association of Women in Business (AWiB) has enabled me to stretch and:

–          Cultivate my newly acquired business skills,

–          Rediscover the power of networking, to connect with and seek support from some very vibrant members of our society,

–          Contribute in the shaping and growing of this novel organization,

–          Grow my skills in enrolling others into the Association’s vision, by promoting its benefits and being present to each member’s need and hopes when joining,

–          Resurface my past skills in Public Relations and Communications, and

–          Unveil my passion for communicating new ideas through writing, the AWiB website, and other social media.

What an extraordinary opportunity to expand my skills-set! I would say that growing in skills is not just a pleasure, but a necessity these days, given national and global trends which call us to be more agile, creative and pro-active professionals and human beings.

The growth I have described can be called this HORIZONTAL GROWTH in adult development, which refers to expansion in capacities through increases in knowledge, skills, and behaviors associated with a current mindset.

There also exists a way we can grow VERTICALLY, and that is through a change/ growth in attitude and mindset *.

Thanks to my engagement with this network, I:

–          Feel I have new, broader perspectives on the potentials of the business sector in Ethiopia,

–          Have developed a new intention to create spaces for young female entrepreneurs to thrive and grow,

–          Appreciate the complexity of what it means to manage and lead a business in Ethiopia and in the world.

I trust that such growth in me will enable me to act as a more effective and relevant leader in our society.

And I’m curious: through your engagement with AWiB, or similar networks locally or abroad, what new skills have you developed? And how have you grown in attitude, mindset and intention?

* McEwen, Cynthia and Schmidt,  John. (2007) Leadership and the Corporate Sustainability Challenge Mindsets in action. Avastone Consulting . www.avastoneconsulting.com