Feven Seifu

But He Was Good On Paper

My mother married my father when she was only 18, and if we were to go by their family members and neighbors’ hopes and expectations, their marriage was not only destined to be happy, but was also meant to last a lifetime. To begin with, they were neighbors. Their parents
had been friends long before my parents started dating each other. My mom had already been friends with her future brothers and sisters in law. So, when my parents announced their plan to wed, their news was met with nothing but joy and a celebratory spirit. What immediately
followed was a massive wedding celebration that lasted for days. But then.

Here’s to Mediocrity

At its worst, my perfectionistic tendencies serve as a major handicap manifesting itself in  the form of avoidance or procrastination and ironically, mediocrity. Because why bother striving  or trying when the standards feel too unreachable? This, of course, might then lead to confirming  my fear of not being good enough. Maybe that’s what lies at the bottom of my perfectionism…

What Does it Mean to be a Strong Person?

I was a sensitive child or so I was told. And like most people I equated sensitivity with fragility and I grew up believing that I was weak — not fully equipped to maneuver the harshness of the world successfully and gracefully.