AWiB 2015 WOE Gala Dinner Program at Sheraton Addis on October 25

17:00H -18:00H                   Photo Exhibition “Senedu Gebru’s 100 years Courageous Life”

18:00H                               WOE arrives at Sheraton

18:30H                               Opening of the Gala with Dance show by the famous Destino Dance

19:00H                               Opening speech and AWiB Video

19:30H                               Presenting Senedu Gebru thru a documentary film by Impala Film Production

20:00H-21:00H                                     Dinner

21:00H-21:30H                                     Art by Desta Hagos (Auction)

21:30H-21:55H                                     Presenting 4 WOE thru Documentary

21:55H-22:00H                                     Dance show by Destino Dance

22:00H-22:20H                                     Presenting 3 WOE thru Documentary

22:20H-22:50H                                     Q&A: Getting to know our WOE

22:55-23:00H                      Process of arriving to AWiB WOE Titleholder

23:05-23:15                          Keynote Speech by Frealem  Shibabaw

23:20                                         Evening closes