Endalkachew lived in the US from 1971 to 1998 where he worked various jobs in the Washington DC and Philadelphia area. Before moving back to Ethiopia, he managed 14 studios in the Maryland and Virginia area and transferred back to the Philadelphia area including Delaware in which he managed 20 studios as a professional photographer.

He moved back to Ethiopia in 1998 and joined his father’s business, Tesfa Printing Press, a pioneer in printing and publishing books, mainly historical, and educational, with over 300 different Ethiopian Orthodox prayer books. Tesfa P.P. was responsible for Ethiopia’s “fidelgebeta” a poster showcasing all the alphabets of the Amharic language.


His father, a strong advocate of education and with the determination to eradicate illiteracy in Ethiopia, started this company in 1810 E.C. and managed it till 1910 E.C. before handing it over to his children. Endalkachew worked as an assistant manager until his father passed away and then branched out on his own to restructure Tesfa P.P. to Tesfa Gebre Selassie Zebher Bulga Pvt. Ltd. Co., which he established with his mother.