Messeret Belihu

Meseret was born and raised in the city of Dire Dawa, where she attended her primary and secondary education. Later, in pursuit of her higher-level education, she moved to Addis Ababa. She earned her diploma from School of Commerce In Addis Ababa in Accounting.  Meseret worked in the area of finance for 15 years for different printing presses and Addis Ababa University.  Later she joined the International Donors Community and served the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA).

Following her true passion—cooking– she started her own business as a restaurateur which turned into a bigger scene in the hospitality industry. She opened a successful hotel Ras Amba and has been running it for the past 18 years.

Meseret is known for giving a helping hand for those who seek out her help. She is known in the community as a woman who is sharing what has been given to her. Meseret is married and has two daughters, one of whom is groomed to take the business over.