Tsedey Hailu

Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and having graduated high school at the early age of 16, Tsedey left for the United Kingdom to pursue her college / university studies.

She lived there for 24 years before she returned to Ethiopia for post graduate research. Tsedey has two handsome young boys whom she nurtures with the aspiration of them becoming the type of men we all want to have in all corners of the world!  The type who respect women as their equal and love them, support them and encourage them to be the next generation leaders in all sectors.  Tsedey was brought up by a strong, educated, compassionate and loving Father who instilled in her the value of self-respect, confidence, honesty and integrity.  Growing up she never felt there was a difference in capabilities between the two sexes, therefore NEVER FELT ‘I cannot do this because I am a woman…..’.  Unfortunately this mentality is not uniform among all women and men, especially in Ethiopia. Tsedey thought she has to do something to accelerate the leadership development of women and then…….she joined AWiB!!


Tsedey has a Bachelor of Law (LLB) from University of London as well as a Post-Graduate Diploma from Middlesex University Business School in the UK.  She also has a Certificate of Achievement in Negotiation from Heriot-Watt University, also located in the UK. Her Post-Graduate research subjects of international law include: Competition Law, International Labour Law & Economic Migration, International Trade Law, Public International Law and Commercial Arbitration.

Professional Expertise

Commercial contracts management expertise with over 10 years of work experience at British Telecommunications plc (BT) in the United Kingdom.

She has strong skills in:

  • assessing commercial, legal and regulatory risks for businesses
  • reviewing, evaluating, editing and authorising project plans, business proposals, bids and tenders, product / service developments and pricing papers;
  • providing leadership, guidance and direction for the development, implementation and management of contracts;
  • drafting and negotiating collaborative /partnership agreements;
  • designing and delivering commercial contract management trainings; and
  • monitoring and evaluating cross functional activities for successful implementation of projects and delivery of products and services.

Tsedey is passionate about market/business competitiveness as a significant step to economic development and poverty reduction. She thrives in ensuring compliance with trading policy, corporate governance, regulatory and legal requirements.