Tizita Abeje – Treasurer

Tizita Abeje is the owner and CEO of Ashker Events PLC. Tizita is enthusiastic about her profession as event organizer.  Some of her major events include organizing and managing Teddy Afro’s concert in Hawassa. Tizita is very business minded; she believes in her unique ability to make money easily.

Her academic training is public health and biology. Through her research for her studies and practical training at the Black Lion Hospital, she did a through and useful research on the complications of illegal abortion and hopes this document titled \”Assessment of illegal abortion among gyne-obstateric patients”  will be published soon.  Tizita’s wish is to make the world a better place for women.

Tizita enjoys helping others. She is a member of the Ethiopian Eye Bank. She has donated her eyes on her death so that those in need can have their sight back. Her hobby is reading books and salsa; she also   loves art. She is proud of being a woman and respects other women.

Tizita holds a BS in Applied Biology from Gondar University, a second BS degree in Public Health from Central University College and master in public health from Jimma university.