Simret Abay

Simret holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Management and a Diploma in computer science. She has also been trained as a counselor and social worker which she uses to do volunteer work for the abused and neglected.

She gives her free service and expertise for a few local NGO’s working on these segments of the population such as Addis Ababa Youth Rehabilitation Center.

Simret Abay works for the Good Shepherd Family health Care Service (GSFHCS) as a project manager and public relation officer. Through her work she is in constant contact with the poorest of the poor and works to better their lives by contributing in the area of economic empowerment through coaching and mentoring growth oriented women entrepreneurs who lack the skills and resources. She uses her well developed organizational skill to ensure and create an environment where children, women and youth enjoy life.

Simret has been very successful at her endeavors. To name a few of her achievements she has:

  • helped a significant number of AIDS orphan to get foster families and reunified street children with their families in Mekelle town
  • helped HIV+ women to write their will for their children before they passed away and later this initiative had a significant  contribution in the lives of the children through inheritance in  Mekelle City
  • facilitated   to bring the case of one raped girl  to court in Addis Ababa and the case was ruled on her favor

Simret is committed, responsible, honest, flexible, sympathetic, good team player, excellent manager and a good leader.