Senait Worku

Senait Worku, Owner and GM, Antica Restaurant, one of the best cosmopolitan restaurants Addis.

I never thought that I would one day sit to write my own biography, so when AWiB asked me to come up with a story, I wasn’t sure where to start; and as I was chatting with my son, I asked him what he thought.

He claimed there is a lot to be told, and I said “Really?” He told me that I am in fact amazing when I speak or write about other people or other things. Then he sent me an email hoping to boost my ego:

“hi mom,

Tu dis toujours que tu ne sais pas parler pourtant tu maitrise le discours mieux que tous. Tu dis que tu n\’as pas fait autant d\’études que d\’autres mais TU le sais que tu es meilleure que touts les prétendus docteurs et savants.

If I was asked I would say….who better to write a biography than a woman who always believed in her hopes and made them come true. Who better to write than a woman who\’s a model for her children and all her employees? Who better to write than a lady envied by those who thought they had it all and got their respect? And who better to write than a royalty heir?

If I had the privilege to write your biography I would start with: My mother is a true Ethiopian hero and I will truly be blessed if I manage to follow her foot step…

Je t\’aimes, good luck.”

Then I started thinking and noticed that I never gave enough time for myself to think who I am or what I did etc. Sincerely I never figured others would be interested in my story.

But here I am embracing my achievements and thinking, have I finally made it?

Throughout my life, I feel like there was always something more important to accomplish. I believe that a person or an individual is the only actor to live one’s life. It is up to us to be happy or sad. I don’t want to give up, I want to go forward, dream my dreams, and live my desires. I am a fighter. I am a survivor too. I need to network others and be a living example for them.

I was born in Addis In 1959 from a single mother and hardly knew my father. Unlike what we find in most people bio’s, I didn’t have anyone close that I look up to as a role model or helped me to follow the right path. Luckily God has his own way of guiding us. I had to decide so many critical life decisions. I was good at managing them. I always have means to find my way out. I like to face and tell realities.

I am a founder and CEO of ANTICA plc, a share holder of Seghed real estate co., a former banker, Married and a mother of three.