Sara Tadiwos

Sara Tadiwos is a positive, approachable, great listener and resourceful leader whois easily connects with people and opens her soul to all with open ears and heart.

Professionally, Sara earned her (MPHIL) Master’s degree from University of Bergen, Norway, in International Development and BA in Sociology from Addis Ababa University. She has worked in Ethiopia, Kenya and the USA with various local and international organizations, public and private sector in the area of capacity building, health and workforce development areas.  She says, working for the US government in public service programs, gave her a chance to work in diverse areas with the community in programs such as re-entry, refugee settlement, social service, leadership, entrepreneurship development and most importantly employment programs. Then, her career naturally progressed to specialize in career development/youth employment and business development where she later earned the Global Career Development Facilitation (GCDF) and Northern Virginia Workforce Development Professional certifications where her focus has been leading programs in workforce development, career coaching and trainings, business and entrepreneurship development, strategic career guidance, talent acquisition and recruitment and many more. Sara likes engaging herself in social enterprises, business development, human capital development, and trainings that strive for economic progress while making an impact; social good that brings change in self, the youth, women and works towards betterment of society at large.  Currently, she works for, the number one Recruiting and HR Solutions in Ethiopia leading its operations, consultancy, HR and business development.  She is passionate about preparing the youth to the world of work and equipping them to take charge of their own career and at the same time providing quality talent to employers.  Through the work of, she has recently been traveling around public universities around the country as a lead facilitator to train career counselors, instructors and other stakeholders in enhancing employability skills and supporting universities in the establishment of career centers.

Sara found AWIB and AWIB found her.  When she decided to move back from the US, she was looking for a networking group or some sort meet ups where she can somehow be part of for herself and community.  She found AWIB; a space to connect with contemporary leaders in diversified industries, in business and entrepreneurship from public and private sectors.   Among other things, her passion in self-development and leadership development as well as her belief in lifelong learning and that true leadership starts from leading self, developing self and becoming the best version of self is what motivated her to join and stay in AWIB. AWIB creates a conducive environment or an opportunity to self-discover one’s own leadership potential.   She is committed and grateful for the opportunity to serve as an AWIB Board member and Executive Officer for 2018.    She voluntarily facilitates various career development and career readiness trainings and workshops to AWIB members.  Being part of AWIB, gives her energy and motivation to spend time with likeminded people while making meaningful and lifelong connections.