Hanna Atnafu

Hanna Atnafu is a Manager Employee Engagement

She has Bachelor Degree in organizational Management with Great Distinction and received her Master’s Degree from the University of Greenwich on Transformational Leadership and change. Growing up in a well-built, devoted and affectionate family taught her that hard work and thrift are sometimes the only things a person can afford. This seems to be the reason for her to exert an extra effort and do her second Masters on M-Com, Masters of Commerce, in addition to being a full time employee and engaged in different commitment of fields. Hanna has a diverse knowledge by working in different departments in Ethiopian Airlines. She has a worked as a lead Cabin Crew in In-flight Services, Recurrent Safety Instructor for both the Pilots and the Cabin Crew members in the Ethiopian Aviation Academy, in Ethiopian MRO (Maintenance and Repair Overhaul) and now in the Human Resource Department. In addition to these, she has given different courses in different times. Soft Skill courses, feeling –Customer Service, Empowerment, Coaching, Mentoring, Communication, Leadership and Crew Resource Management are some to mention. Hanna resides with her loving husband Abraham Alemayehu and her two beautiful kids Bezawit and Maraki in Addis Ababa and can be contacted at HannaA@ethiopianairlines.com