Fitsum Kidanemariam

Fitsum Kidanemariam is the Director of Administration of the Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA). She is a management professional having extensive experience in the areas of procurement, logistics, HR and IT. She started her professional path started from librarian after she graduated in diploma from the Addis Ababa University.

She obtained her BA in Management from the Addis Ababa University and her International Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management from Cambridge College in London. She is now studying her MA in Project Management. Fitsum Believes in education and promised for herself to study nonstop. Her diversified field of study gives her the courage and commitment to know more and aspire to become the best leader.

Fitsum has more than fifteen years of work experience in International NGOs, the UN and government organizations in different capacities.

Fitsum is a person of her words. She believes in networking and sharing. She joined AWIB on the May 2011 forum and is now part of the leadership.

She is the member of the Toastmasters Club and is one of the two Ethiopian women who achieved the Able Communicator Silver award from the International club. She is also the member of the Ethiopian Women Writers Association.

Community service is one of her passions. She believes in being responsible citizen by contributing and giving to the less privileged citizens. She is volunteering in different charity organizations helping children, women and the elderly.

Fitsum gives the utmost credit to her mother who raised her up with confident single handedly. She values her sisters which she believes they spiced up her life to live the fullest. She is married with a caring husband and a proud mother of adorable boy named Befikir.

Fitsum’s dream is to see many women professional leaders using the platform which AWiB presents for us.