One of our own has realized her dream: to have her own business.

\"\"AWiB  announces the launching of a new, sure to win, Ashker Events Plc., a company that works on organizing events & press conference, wedding planning & consultancy, flower arrangement and is a place for the rare gifts you want to deliver for important occasions.

The owner of Ashker Events is Tizita Abeje, also AWiB board member. Tizita says “Even though, running my own business never crossed my mind, I became a member of AWiB and I was inspired by what I learned and experienced as a member and an active board member. AWiB made me realize that if I want to do something, I must focus and get out of my comfort zone then and only then, I can achieve it. I thought having business meant having huge amount of money.  AWiB proved me wrong and that I can start with what I have if I really, deeply understand what having a purpose in life means and the understanding of true commitment to finish what I started. Next to my father, AWiB has a great impact on my life…”

By training, Tizita is a public health professional with a Master’s degree. To help her financially with her graduate studies, she joined a family business, Belema, in Tour and Entertainment sector. She worked for Belema for 5 years as Managing Director. That gave her a good understanding and a solid experience of what it took to run a business and a good foundation in finance, sales, marketing, purchasing, and HR and built the company from start up to a highly profitable organization and all at a tender age of 23.

While working for Belema, she had the opportunity to organize a huge and successful concert in Hawassa for Teddy Afro. She found her passion and knew she was going to be an event planner. As they say the rest is history.

Tizita loves organizing and managing events. She is also good at it.  Ashker events is responsible for AWiB yearly press conference and WOE 2015 table arrangements. AWIB inspired her to apply her potential in different occasions. It also created the communication link which helped Tizita in her business as well as personal life. She is well known for her decisiveness and inquisitive personality.

AWiB applauds Tizita for her courage and also feels privileged to be related to such daring young lady. Because of her tenure in AWiB’s board, AWiB was strengthened.  AWiB believes in giving and receiving. This is a perfect story to write home about.

Go Tizu!!!

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