Changing of Guards – The Power of Seven!

\"\"Rarely in any team, do members get a chance to test their leadership abilities or show more of their leadership styles at the frontline! In more progressive organizations, however, it is customary to go on job rotation in order to make use of each managers to bring innovative changes to the corporation and for the managers to get different skills and experiences within that corporation at different levels and departments.

At AWiB, through innovation and environmental and social consciousness to practice responsible leadership, we believe we can sustain our movement of creating leaders for our country and beyond.  Therefore, for the year 2015, AWiB has decided to bring innovation in leading our association.

In October 2014, the Association came across a challenging situation where its 2014 President-Elect had to resign from taking the Presidency of 2015 due to force majeure.  As it is the requirement of our association that any President-Elect should be part of the leadership team at least for six months in order to take the helm of leading from the front as the President, it was not possible for any new candidate to take the role of the Presidency.

But as innovation also helps in facing challenging situations, AWiB came up with a new style of management for the Association ;  the board members decided /suggested to assign each board member to take role in leading the team and the Association’s activities every month.  This new style—alternating roles– of management is going to take AWiB to a whole new era of innovation. 

We, at AWiB, hope this way of doing business is going to be exemplary for many corporations and businesses; by giving a chance to individual team members to manage their company that best suits stakeholders’ interests may also support the emergence of strong leaders to sustain businesses and building nations.

We are hopeful that 2015 is going to be the year for AWiB 7 board members to bring innovation to “business as usual” with the support of its members, partners, and the public. 

We would like to wish all AWiB friends and supporters a very prosperous 2015 and PEACE in the world. 

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AWiB Team!