1Billion Africa – Turning Problems into Projects

\"\"1Billion Africa is an amazing non-profit problem solving movement that seeks to mobilize the “1billion“Africans, to help turn the “1 billion” problems in Africa into 1Billion projects and opportunities, which would transform individuals, homes, communities and countries in Africa, to spark up transformation on the continent.

The mission of the movement is to instill in Africans the problem solving attitude and inspire all Africans to adopt the mindset that creates solutions. The movement seeks to lead the shift from the level of Africans only talking about their problems and blaming others, to the level of Africans turning their problems into projects. This can also help create upcoming leaders that Africa can trust in the near future.

Currently in 9 other African countries, through efforts of Country Ambassadors and affiliate organizations, 1Billion Africa seeks to run Educational Projects, Youth Empowerment & Leadership Development, Health Projects, Environmental & Sanitation, Science & Technology, Agricultural & Social Entrepreneurship Projects and as well advocate strongly for the “1 Billion” Africans to develop the Victors mentality instead of the victim’s.

Some projects embarked on include; the iPledge Africa Project, the 1BA Gateway Project, School Dropouts Project, Edushare Community Project, Free Youth ICT Training Project and the GO Empower Schools Project. 1BA is looking forward to amazing projects like TECH to Orphans, Women Empowerment, A Child’s Cry, ReadWide Africa Project, and other strategic projects.

1Billion Africa recently won a humanitarian award in New York. The award was given by the People of Distinction Humanitarian Awardsorganization in the United States and 1BA was awarded for the great vision, movement and projects that have touched the lives of others. AWiB is proudly partnering with 1Billion Africa to support the movement of turning problems into projects.

AWiB is Partnering with 1Billion Africa

You can join the movement by visiting www.1billionafrica.org.