Heleanna comes from a long and established lineage of highly respected Ethiopian coffee exporters. Her grandfather, Yanni Georgalis, established Moplaco in 1972 and was a third generation coffee exporter. He rightfully maintained a reputation for not only selling the highest quality coffee, but also for his integrity in all aspects of the business.

After the sudden passing of her father in 2008, Heleanna was faced with a difficult crossroads: continue the legacy her father had meticulously built with almost no knowledge about the coffee business, or continue on the path she had created for herself within the world of finance. Heleanna decided to continue her father’s legacy and completely immersed herself in learning about roasting, cupping, agronomy (including the latest research and practices in natural processing) and the niche markets of specialty coffee all around the world.

Under Heleanna’s leadership, Moplaco is constantly evolving to produce ever-increasing quality coffee in spite of the complexity and challenges continually present within Ethiopia’s coffee production and auction systems. Heleanna continues to trail blaze her way through specialty coffee to this day.