Zahara Legesse Kauffman, M.A., MSW
BA in Psychology and Creative Arts in Therapy
MA Art Therapy
MSW Social Work

Short Bio
Zahara is a psychotherapist devoted to improving the lives of women and men, the youth and children. She provides psychotherapy, trainings and retreats on trauma, life skills, child protection, domestic violence, team building, conflict resolution, wellbeing, self-awareness and other related topics for agencies and to the public; In addition, she is 2018’s Acumen Fellow.

Zahara has been able to use her skills as a therapist, supervisor and a trainer with schools, local and international NGOs. She has also worked with government agencies, such as Ministry of Health (via Twinning Center), Federal Supreme Court, Child Justice Project, and the Federal Police on issues such as stress and burnout management, team building, conflict resolution, child protection, parenting skills, domestic violence, juvenile delinquents and other related topics.

She is a frequent radio and TV guest speaker on self-care, mental health, parenting and relationships and had a monthly column, “Ask Zahara”, What’s Out Addis! Magazine for five years.  Zahara started her career in the United States and has spent the last decade in Ethiopia.  She has bachelor’s in Psychology and Human Services and Creative Arts in Therapy from Russell Sage College. She holds Master’s degree in Art Therapy from Maywood university as well as a Master’s in Social Work from Addis Ababa University.