May Forum

May Forum is one of AWiB’s flagship events that started in 2012 with the aim of cultivating the culture of dialogue. Over the last nine editions, May Forum has consistently delivered diverse and relevant topics at the prestigious UNECA venue. Beyond providing a platform for discussing pressing issues, the conference serves as a forum for professional and self-development. Its networking sessions are unparalleled, offering a unique opportunity to recruit potential team members and forge valuable partnerships.

Drawing a crowd of over 500 professionals from various sectors, May Forum attracts both men and women, including AWiB members, non-members, and FCBC members (Female CEO Breakfast Club).

The previous nine May Forums covered compelling topics, including: 

2012: Celebrating Women’s Agency

2013: Unlocking Potential! Driving Effectiveness!

2014: Reengineering our Thinking – Reengineering our World

2015: Leadership in Action: From Personal to Positional

2016: Transformation: Personal, Organizational, Cultural

2017: Strategic Leadership: Getting Where you Want to Be

2018: Business Legacy

2019: Adaptive Leadership: Welcoming the New Frontier

2022: Ethnic Politics