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AWiB Listens: Four Pillars of Sustainability

January 4 @ 5:30 pm 9:00 pm

AWiB Listens: A World Café Experience

Four Pillars of Sustainability

Hilton Hotel

January 4, 2024 at 5:30 – 9 PM

850 ETB: Non-Members

Complementary: Members

AWiB Listens: Four Pillars of Sustainability

As the tradition of AWiB, we dedicate the month of January to AWiB Listens: A World Café Experience. For this reason, we will oversee the “Four Pillars of Sustainability” as part of our 2024 theme, “Resilience for Safety and Sustainability”.

Why Four Pillars of Sustainability?

Resilience, in the context of safety and sustainability, refers to the ability of individuals, communities, businesses, and systems to adapt to and recover from disruptions, shocks, and stresses. This involves building the capacity to anticipate, withstand, and learn from challenges, thereby mitigating risks and safeguarding long-term well-being. Therefore, discussing the four pillars of sustainability will be a crucial step in developing resilience.

The Four Pillars of Sustainability are a framework used to understand and address the interconnected challenges of environmental, social, economic, and human well-being. Accordingly, each pillar represents a critical aspect of a sustainable future. Achieving progress in one pillar often requires progress in the others. These pillars are:

  • Human: This pillar focuses on the health and well-being of individuals and communities. This encompasses Health, Education, Human rights, Well-being, and Equity.
  • Social: This pillar emphasizes the importance of strong social structures and networks that focus on Social cohesion, Community resilience, Social justice, Participation, and Cultural Diversity.
  • Economic: This pillar focuses on creating a sustainable and equitable economy. It involves aspects such as Sustainable economic growth, Resource efficiency, Economic diversification, and Fair distribution of wealth.
  • Environmental: This pillar emphasizes the importance of protecting the natural environment. It consists of Biodiversity conservation, Climate change mitigation and adaptation, and Sustainable resource management.

Remember, these pillars don’t exist in isolation—they deeply intertwine. Therefore, progress in one area frequently demands progress in the others. Hence, addressing the challenges within each pillar and fostering interdependence, we can build a more resilient future. This involves crafting societies better equipped to adapt to and recover from shocks and stresses, guaranteeing long-term safety and well-being for everyone.

Join us in this unique World Café Experience

What is World Café?

The World Cafe Experience facilitates group dialogue, aiming to harness participants’ collective intelligence to explore complex issues, generate creative ideas, and foster shared understanding. For this reason, it is an engaging and dynamic format that encourages open conversation, collaboration, and active listening. Furthermore, there will be some of the key features of an informal setting, small group discussions, and multiple rounds.

How does it work?

World Café works as a structured conversational process for knowledge sharing in which groups of people discuss a specific topic.

What will be expected of you, and what should you expect from the facilitators on January 4th?

You will encounter:

Small Group Rounds: The process starts with the first of three or more twenty-minute conversation rounds for the small group of people seated around a table. Afterwards, each group member is assigned to a new table. Each table has a “table host” who greets the following group and briefly recaps what transpired in the previous round.

Questions: Each round begins with a question tailored to the situation and desired outcome. Subsequently, more questions will build on prior ones to focus or drive the conversation.

Harvest: Following small group discussions, participants are encouraged to contribute insights or outcomes from their interactions at the session. In a World Café style, you will have plenty of time to network, connect, get insights, share knowledge and opportunities for yourself as well as your business. Join us to network and learn from collective intelligence and conversation. 


Samrawit Merresa, previous president of AWiB in the year 2023 is a Production Managing Director on Titilo Show broadcasted on DSTV that produces reality show for children with experienced and accomplished team. In addition, Samrawit is a team member of a family-owned jewelry business, Zoskales Diamond. She serves as an assistant manager in Zoskales.

Samrawit is passionate about Jewelry.  She grew up watching her father design and sell pieces of jewelry. As a result, the exposure helped Samrawit develop an eye for incredible and unforgettable pieces. She trains to develop her innate skill for jewelry and fulfill her vision of creating relatable and memorable pieces. Her mission is to create a colony of jewelers that will make Ethiopian Jewelry outshine globally.

Yodit Gidey is the Chief Operating Officer for GIDEY GEBREHIWOT ENTERPRISE. Prior to leading the GG Team, Yodit was Project Manager with AWiB and office manager for The Dental Suite in Washington D.C. Born in Addis, Yodit grew up in Colorado where she cultivated her passion for photography, studied and worked as a photojournalist.

One of the highlights of Yodit’s career is covering the Democratic National Convention in Denver (2008) for The Durango Herald. She has numerous awards from the AP and Society of Professional Journalists. Through YOYO PHOTO, Yodit has provided her photography services. She has been part of solo and group exhibitions in Colorado and D.C.

AWiB Listens: Four Pillars of Sustainability


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