The Authenticity of Personal Power

\”Exploring and learning to mange your energy is a way to move beyond concepts to the full realization of your personal power\”. ~ Living Energy

A follow-up blog entry to the AWiB April event on \”The Mysticism of Personal Power\”

I wholeheartedly believe in the wisdom of children because they live their truth everyday and live it unpretentiously. I also believe that we give these little human beings less credit than they deserve for their wisdom and the audacity with which they exist. My now four-year old niece is proof of that. And anyone that knows me well knows how often I talk about her in amazement. As a three-year old she would speak with the assertiveness and honesty that I often find lacking in the adult world. She is a little girl who knows what she wants when she wants it, and nothing can compromise her conviction. She is truly a child that honors her feelings and one that cannot be coerced into action even through promises that often distract little children.

The reason I share this story is in reflection of what it means to have personal power. On the evening of Maski’s session on “The Mysticism of Personal Power” an audience member shared that personal power meant “to be with myself and be able to travel the path I choose to travel”. This profound statement which strongly resonated with me made me question how many of us truly travel the path we choose and do that consistently. I equate traveling the path of our choice with claiming authenticity or operating in alignment with our core essence, rather than in seeking external validation.

How many times have you done something you did not want to do? Or held yourself back from expressing your truth which lies simmering wildly within you underneath a demeanor of fabricated self-content? How many times have you restrained yourself wondering how your peers and “others” would perceive you? Or adopted ‘herd mentality’ so as to not stand out and be the black sheep?

For me these are all expressions of denying ourselves authenticity in our actions and interactions. They rob us of our personal power because falling in line with actions and interactions which are not in alignment with our essence and feelings, takes away some form of energy from us. And that which depletes and does not replenish our energy is that which tires us and curbs the enthusiasm we have for future action and engagement. So why continue?

How about reclaiming our personal power by staying true to ourselves? How about closely looking at the three-year olds in our lives or around us and learning a thing or two about living authentically? How about allowing our inner-child to grow with us rather than against us?

So what do you think about the authenticity of personal power?