Spirituality, Politics and the Female

As the air thickens with political tensions around the world and literarily in our own backyards, one can only wonder. We hear of riots and roadblocks outside our city and everyone has their own assumptions and opinions of the matter. It’s a rather unsettling thought to know that at any given time our tranquility might be challenged. We can only hope to not fall into the same circumstances of the many countries that are presently at war, with thousands of people migrating away from their homes in search for peace in worse situations than we currently are.

I was not sure what to cover this time around but it seemed appropriate to try out politics for obvious reasons. Some have a knack for politics and understand economics, and some have the courage to choose to be politicians. I say courage, because to be in a position that can lead your fellow citizens is one that requires true bravery. I am writing from a layman’s point of view. I never chose to concern myself with politics before, but I realize I never did because my plate was always full, always plenty. As you grow up, or in my particular case, awaken, in other terms, you understand what you have in excess that your neighbor might be struggling to get. As you mature and search your inner spirituality you understand that there is a lot you can do without and a lot you can share with those that have next to nothing in comparison with you. Now, I see that politics has become a matter that no one can escape from.

From a spiritual stand point, you can try to understand why some have extra to waste and some have to beg for mere survival, by searching for a way you can give back. But from a political standpoint, I am struggling to understand just what the main goal is.  I have actually consciously made it a point not to watch the news, as much as I can. To me, it seems the world is always killing itself. Like a virus, we are not only depleting the earth of the very resources we need to survive, but greed has manifested itself into a level in and of itself, in which innocent lives are struggling to survive or being sacrificed in painful numbers. Greed and the hunger for power and status have breathed themselves into our world, slyly coxing itself as an invisible player in our lives.

A spiritual person, to me, is a person that is in touch with herself/himself, is in constant conversation and connection to the divine, and always, always living in the mode of serving others. A person that has reached a point in her/his life where fulfilling personal desires and joys emanates from providing well intended services to others, in whatever those forms that may be. By this, I mean, without any regards to religious or institutional categorizations; I’m just talking about people in tune with themselves and finding their vibrational purpose in the world. So I ask then, how can we, spiritual individuals, handle the reality of politics?  We, because, I know I am no longer an I in this world.

Politics, at the end of the day is divisive, only in my opinion, mind you. For me, in whatever manner I have tried to look at it, it has been a dis-unifying method of, ironically enough, trying to bring together, people of a nation and, nations of this world. And this, I say with the basic understanding of its importance in overall world order, but more importantly with the highest respect for the individuals involved in its realm.

But it brings me back to my inner turmoil, how can we approach this issue as females? How do I see this whole issue as a woman? How do you feel as a woman as far as politics in concerned, if, in fact, you are not involved in politics in any manner?

Another matter, Ms. AWiB has decided to test my stance with; to look at everything from the female’s perspective as well. The fact that every matter in life should be approached with gender equality is what AWiB has done to me. Literarily, I can’t say, has done for me, because Ms. AWiB, I’m slowly finding out, has subconsciously instilled me the need to consider every matter with gender equality.

We cannot deny that as females we have a more emotional method of dealing with issues. With that in mind, I ask you then what can we do, us females specifically, in our homes, in our relationships, in our jobs, to influence conscious conversations on the current politics of our homeland and of the world in general and attempt to find tangible solutions or remedies, if you will. Of course, we must remember that we can only do what we are capable of doing, on an individual level and a communal level. We can’t expect to bring world peace in totality, but we can bring change, that we are guaranteed. We must remember we are capable of trying and of affecting meaningful change one person at a time. But as a female, just tapping into my femininity and the true power I know I posses as a woman, and that I consciously observe other powerful women around me posses, I just want to know what I can do to bring change.

I did not write this blog with the intention of suggesting a resolve, but merely to understand the real questions we must ask ourselves, if in fact we take ourselves to be “spiritual”, if in fact we are concerned with worldly matters and if in fact we have connected with our true femininity.  I wrote this blog to release some of my personal inquiries, in hopes that others might relate and start the discussions amongst themselves and create a domino effect amongst us.