Gather the others outside in the sun
Under the baobab and acacia
Seek shade but do not hide
Light must find you
Warmth must fill you

Sit in circles hand in hand
Palm to palm
Let the lines running across
What man has broken
The Gods and Goddesses have mended
Your fates are not dotted lines
Take turns and speak your truth
Let the words flow coated in wisdom
Flinging daggers and jagged versus are not yours
They do not emit your essence
Nor do they carry you across

Sistern, you are made to build bridges
When wolves came at night to snatch your babies
You banded together
Surrounded the aggressors
And healed them
Exorcized their demons
Lighted an eternal fire within them

Divided, your command fades
Breaks are not befitting of you
Recognize your true powers
Beyond barrels and bullets
Slurs and insults
Your power resides in compassion

Stand in it
In the warm oils of love
Soak your feet and your hands
Pour it upon your crown
Let it trickle down your temples
Cover your face and body
Protecting you from intruders

They will come for you laced in God’s words
Try to convince you cadavers are rising
Instil fear of the other in you

Stand guard
Fight Goliath with humility
Fanatics with reason
The wounded with healing potion
Singing hymns to banish cruelty

Stand together
Surround yourself with love
Amplify the drums that beat unity
Rejoice in the yarns that show your diversity
Show them there is no room to be fractured
And come together as one
What the universe has endorsed
No man has ever undone!

~ Billene Seyoum Woldeyes (October 5th, 2019)