Make It Happen

“The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it.” — Roseanne Barr

Make it happen

That is the theme

Another year, another ‘one’ day

Celebrating women’s achievements

Calling for equality

Make it happen

They say

Though you and I know

That she is beyond a day

That she transgresses the limits of a March 8th display

That the sway and stagger of her hip

Carry more miles than a day’s trip

That the vowels and consonants flowing from her lip

Convey more than what you have heard, the story’s tip

Make it happen

“For increased financial independence”

where it is hers to take

and hers to make

that she is not trapped in decadence

and the decay of intelligence

so trades her essence

for a fabricated relevance

Make it happen

“For more women in senior leadership roles”

that she knows she can take over the controls

and achieve personal and national goals

and she has the inbuilt capacity to fill systemic holes

Make it happen

“For greater awareness of women’s equality”

that she knows her worth and quality

that she does not ask permission for equity

but claims her goddess given right to inherent parity

Make it happen, this day

They say

Though you and I know

That she is beyond a day

That the cracks running along her palms

Carry a whole testament of more than 200 psalms

And the indentation of her bended wrist

Holds the energy of life’s gist

The power to create, shape and mend lay in her open fist

In between the crevice of her thumb and index finger

the ability to dream dreams and manifest linger

Make it happen, everyday

That she breaks down the wall of what keeps purpose at bay

Hears the barrier crash at the loudest decibel

Speaks, owns, lives her truth

and is comfortable with incredible

Make it happen today

Beyond International Women’s Day

Every day is her day!

\”Billene Seyoum also blogs at www.africanfeminism.com\”