Living with Love!

L’amore! A topic discussed at length by every human being that has ever lived in the past, present and will keep on being discussed way after we leave this earth. Some are fortunate to have intertwined their existence solely on the magnificence and energy of love such as the Persian poet and mystic Rumi (1207 – 1273), and through his poetry written some +800years ago, it can still resonate to our deepest emotions. And in the 21st century there are spiritual teacher & writers like Gary Zudkov that has emphasized the lack of living with love in this day and age, and tried to shed his perspective of the necessary of the new age, multisensory evolved humans to comprehend the beauty in taping into the seat of the soul, and live our everyday life through love and not fear.

Living in this century, reading fairy tale books, and Tvs that highly publicize glimpse of superficial aspects of love, it has distorted our natural inclination to trust our intuitions ability to tap into living with love in our hearts. Unfortunately the fast paced life that we are forced to survive in and the complexity of the global world that we have to survive in, overshadows the necessary of the space required to live in love. Now most jump to the conclusion that love is merrily one for the opposite sex, but I want to open your mind & heart to seeing love not as the vulnerable, untamed aspect of your emotion, but into the spiritual existence, where love resides. Love that is one of authentic truth, tolerance, loyalty, care, conviction, patience, harmony, gratefulness, peaceful and consistency, as well as where space and non judgment of outcomes prevails.

In almost all our definition success is defined as how we see it using our five senses, which means we are constantly living in fear. As humans those that have tapped into their intuition also know that by just using ones senses, it limits our scope of existence. This can clearly be seen when living in a complex, yet ancient country like Ethiopia, where your everyday existence cannot be written and planned in a piece of paper, as the spaces in-between and the human interactions in real time set the stage to what the outcome will be. The complexity of human beings, depending on the universes daily energy is emphasized greatly in a spiritually heightened society like Ethiopia. In this society its not solely your academic resume, looks or monetary power that weighs in the long run, but your ability to allow the moment, circumstance, empathy, reliability, humility and Love to dictate the outcome of one’s interaction. This is a foreign concept for most of us that have been taught a pattern of logic and planning, thus if you are lucky enough it will challenge your core to combine what you have learnt with tapping into the unknown, the multi-sensory human that has evolved and lives a more balanced existence to be part of the universe to create a new earth.

Well that brings me to the more highly misunderstood and completely misguided aspect of love, between the opposite sex, that has, especially to those of us that have been brought up in a more competitive, changing and destructive society within the 21century. Where the changes in the roles of the sexes, and human evolutions in general has given rise to the need to transcend beyond the five senses, appreciating and accepting the evolved human that has arisen. And instead of using the limited five senses to debate on what love is and should be, and challenging the emotions to fit the pattern or way of life that we have chosen, look within to find the love within our Soul, and live a life where love resides. This opens your heart to seeing another human with a sprit, with all your perceived flaws of them, not for a destination, or a conclusion but for the gift of loving another.

With that said, if one trusts the energy, purity and authentic truth of love, through time it will lead your personality that has been guided by fear, to live a more balanced, aware and loving existence. Letting go of one’s pattern is the most challenging, as our five senses have lead us thus far on the quest of survival of the fittest, which has given us the false sense of security that has shaped most of our societal institutions. Yet living with love in one’s heart, where there is no right or wrong way, but living an authentic life lived by a multisensory being permits one to seeing the person in front of you, as part of you, being thankful for the experience, journey and challenges that helps nurture your soul, giving rise to loving someone as an extension of your own love, and at all times given the person the space and freedom to choose if they want to be within that space of love. If not we all have choices, and so do they, and that’s ok, as love is not an end but part of who you are and will always be.

By Dutchess@deldeyoch