Jumping from Zero to Hero: Looking for Shortcuts

“If you take shortcuts, you get cut short”

Gary Busy

Last month I was taking photo editing course and I learned how we can use a tool called “Liquefy” to increase and decrease sizes of the elements in a picture to make them look what we desire to show. An obese person can be trimmed down to look fit or we can enlarge a skinny person to make him/her look of size and attractive.  Then I thought how sometimes we would like to have a shortcut magic tool “Liquefy” to make things look the way we want them immediately.

Some would like to get a shortcut to increase the capital of their business, others want to swallow a pill to get rid of addiction, still others want to fix relationship problems once they get professional advice,  and still others would like improve health conditions immediately without much effort on improving life style.  People look for a simple formula and effortless action to straighten life.  In other words, they look for life shortcuts.  Unfortunately, life reality is the exact opposite of our wishful thinking.

We see many people get registered to get their degrees but few pass that final line and graduate.  One has to study, research, read books, write articles, and pass exams to get their prize.  No short cut.  Unfortunately, few others make a one minute effort and get a diploma printed in their name with fraud and scape the process of pain and hassles to get a diploma.  Then they may get a job with it and deceive others giving the impression that life has a shortcut.

Once I read that two-third of businesses started would close down within five years.  They would not be able to push their business ideas to fruition. Though there are many factors that play for the failure of their business, I would attribute one of the reasons to be not pursuing one’s dreams consistently.  We would like to have a magic bullet to kill all the challenges and make us successful.  However, successful business people testify that the only magic to success is hard work and persistence. Corruption gives impression that there is a short-cut for success but that is not success.  It is deadly poison corrupting personal, social and economic development.

Two of my clients told me different stories about their weight issues; one paid for one year to motivate himself to go to gym consistently but never attended except the first day and therefore never benefited from his financial investment on his body.  Another client told me that she lost 32 kilos at the age of 14 by working so hard and sticking to a new healthy eating diet and avoiding anything that would make her regain the weight she lost.  Both of these clients did not get a wand they press to fix weight problems. However one succeeded but the other failed. The key was consistent action.

Similarly mastering a language skill, building muscles, learning to work on computers or instruments, building life skills and so forth cannot be achieved overnight.  It takes dogged tenacity to stick to the things we do regularly, even when it hurts and the going gets tough    No short cut.

I am thinking of the Women of Excellence who will be celebrated in the month of October.   I read their stories how they exerted lots of efforts to realize their dreams.   They pushed the ceilings, knocked all locked doors and got them opened, had many sleepless nights until they got what they believed worth living for.  Going for one’s dream is costly.  Excellence would not come overnight.  It is the result of years of dedication to pursue one’s calling in life, and practice tirelessly to make things happen behind the scenes.  No celebration without enduring years of pain.  In other words, they did not reach a stage of hero from zero by pressing a short-cut button.  They were willing to experience all sorts of confusion, disappointment, inconvenience, and clarify their path to work on their dreams.  They were committed to climb the stairs of the in between the zero to the hero.

We see that no personal development, business expansion, nor social transformation will happen with pressing a magic wand, or liquefy button.  It takes consistent thinking and action to bring about change.  Those who seek to jump from zero to hero are in forgery, corruption and illusion hampering the growth of others.

Would you be willing to take action and not to look for dysfunctional short-cut button for excellence; rather pass through rough roads, turbulent weather and waves; and stick to make your dream come true; and not try to jump from zero to hero?

Yes, You Can!

Happy Ethiopian New Year!

Seble Hailu

September 11, 2016