Inner Truth – What is it?

What is the implication of being a black woman with a conviction, an inner strong will, and an intuition & love that has been nurtured since a young age, as well as an ability to hold her own around people. A phenomenal woman with a vision!!

Struggling with a recent incident that left me at a decision whether to take the less resistant way of silence & conventional way, or live dangerously, bypassing social norm and challenging my own inner safety into an unfamiliar zone into a learning space. Considering I felt a bit energized by my own self worth, a bit daring in regards to bypassing social accepted behavior for an African woman, emotionally stable, and a curiosity of others & my own limits, I pursued the road less traveled, not just once or twice but three times in a month.

I have been here before where societies version of you is not in purr with how you value yourself, where your own patterns are on the way of a break though, and most importantly when those that claim they have your best interest over-step their boundaries. Given one is simple, yet complex in character (I was recently challenged by my statement of myself, that I am still debating), the ultimate choice to move within ones rhythm is yours. Whether to stay, separate from your current situation or endure the circumstances is what determines the direction of your life’s journey. In all of this, it is also imperative that one stays in the present, and not be inclined to react due to past perception, or future expectations. If ones makes decisions with a full intention to come out however the situation prevails, you will learn a bit more of your inner truth, as well as your inner challenges, it’s a lonely road less travelled, yet where most geniuses reside.

I must admit, there is an overwhelming rush when stepping into this mode of resistance, and opening your core to unfold God/Universes version of you, rather than living in a box of expectations and accepted attitude of behavior. People come to your life for reason, a season, or a lifetime, and you come into other people’s lives for the same reason. So whether it is the racist comments I endured in my own country, or the sexist comment that was made towards me in front of a client, and even having gone through an emotional negligence of a close friend, all in one month. I have learnt to step into the space, separate the incident & the realities based on my intuitions, from my fear & perceptions, and through silence find the lesson for all parties without attachment to the outcome.  Well it almost makes me sound like an angel, I am far from that, as I mentioned at the beginning, it’s been a privilege and a challenge to take on the persona of God/Universes version of me.So what this means is that situations, circumstances, incidents, challenges, as well as joyful moments happen in our lives day in & day out, the ultimate question is, are you present enough to see it for what it is, or are you trapped in the past or future? Thus resist it, paving the way for fear or staying in ones safety net. Are you willing to risk your reputation of yourself, a raise, a promotion, loosing a relationship, or even the risk of standing for what is your own truth whispered to you by the higher power? Some have asked me how does one know its your truth, I say if your silence is at peace, and you feel somewhat a bit shaken yet stern in your decision, fight the urge to fold into fear or anger. Stay within your truth, be true to your soul, don’t harm others or think ill of others, and resist the urge to get along. It sound like the making of a cultural revolutionist, ahhh but that’s just what it means to move to the tempo of ones truth, especially in a world that judges & condemns you for your particular look, color, size, gender, finances, and the like. You only have one life to live, isn’t it worth living through your purpose.

By Dutchess@ Deldeyoch.com