Emotional hijacking – The three pillars!
“Yesterday I was clever and wanted to change the world, today I am wise and am trying to change my inner self”.  – Rumi
Emotional Hijacking (”EH”) is having a stop sign that prohibits you from being in the moment, it grabs your peace and drags you to a zone of darkness & emptiness.
Regardless of whether you are sipping coffee with your best friend, enjoying a sunset with a potentially meaningful relationship, surrounded by close family friends, dinner & a night out with friends, enjoying dinner with your cousin, attending your favorite class, at a funeral of a dear friends parents, or even on the sofa enjoying an amazing movie. You suddenly sense a rush of blood to your upper body, resulting in straining your neck & shoulder muscles. Your consciousness than shifts subtly to the past and/or future, reciting a smell, sound, emotion, feeling, non-verbal communication, intuition, verbal comments to seconds of reflections that result in suddenly leaving the present moment, to the unknown.
Its like the mind has captured situations in the past, and demands in the future fabricated by the Ego, as potential blackmails of the body & soul, to an area reserved for eluding the present moment. Considering our mind, body & soul combined makes up our three important pillars of being. It becomes a constant turmoil to identify, allow, release, stay neutral & focused, to let the potential ammunition for EH comment, action, feeling, life situations, financial issues, family feud, rejection, love breakup, weight loss/gain, angry/negative words from another, perception of ostracism by friends/workmates & family, physical limitations and such, to allow the trigger to move through you. The intense emotions, & feelings have a speed that ones body & soul can’t keep up with. As you’ll only notice when one feels anxiety, disconnected, blankness, separation from the present, irritation, anger, loss of control, sweating, strain in the neck & shoulder, nausea, loss of concentration/strength, sleepiness, weakness, lack of willingness to communication, shutting down internally, escaping, and the like, which shifts our current state, disconnecting from the present into a dark place, noticed by a neutral gaze of ones eye.
Also, EH is usually triggered early mornings, just when you wake up, when all memories of the previous day come flowing into ones mind & we try to plan the future, thus an opportunity for the mind to recite, replay, manipulate & keep one hijacked from participating in life, leading to emotional imprisonment. The danger is it tries to set your day, by constantly allowing the selective memory to be alive, it makes itself more important, rather than being part of this ever illusive, changing, connected life that we have been blessed with.
As we nurture our academic progress, manipulation through words for power, use our creative minds to exploit, and exhale in empowering our mind, and ultimately our Ego, its inevitable we create a society manipulated by the minds ability to loudly express the need for oppressing ones body & soul. Ones current strength in body & soul’s plays a major role in making sure we are present in this journey we call life, and using our mind for its sole purpose of supporting the will of the body & soul, not its own.
Being constantly reminded the importance of social success, winning by any means, equating everything to monetary value, breaking up social structures, evading the need for spiritual well-being, and greed of the powerful to accumulate wealth by polluting the environment & exploiting our earth for all its natural resources without due consideration of the society its serves, has shifted humans existence to one of caretaker of the Earth, to its enemy. Impregnated within ones psyche, EH though fabrication of egoic perception, & incubation of past & future issues through centuries, has developed pain-bodies in society that are becoming out of control to the present predicament of the earth.
Disguised in articulate communication skills; matched with academic excellence; backed by manipulative gestures & words; empowered by a gang like mentality in bullying those different, is sometimes the game of the extreme capitalist motto. Although capitalisms creative approach, ingénues, innovation and self-reliance in decision making amongst the few are commendable. One requires a sharp mind & will to not be seduced by its ability to seduce you. As humans, gifted with so many tools to progress, exhale and tap into our flowing inner strength, there is a greater inner struggle to overcome our manipulative minds to creating a harmonies existence between the three pillars of our existence, our Soul, body and mind.
So its starts within, and start the hard journey of de-patterning our manipulative mind, bad eating habits, the need to accumulate wealth, the power struggle for everything, desire to be the best & win by any means necessary including extinction, and such, By reexamining ones perception, intention, Emotionally hijacking situations/moments, relation to the society around you, inner strength, attachment to bullying & gang like structure, as well as health we can move towards an examined life, leading to a well balanced society.
Its inevitable as we all take care of our own ways of being, living, thinking, it then gradually shifts to an awake and conscious society that is aware of its connection with the entire global world. As “Ubuntu” is the way brotherly love can continue, strengthening one\’s will to exist through a healthier Soul, Body and Mind. Shifting the focus to one of a responsible society for its action, creating a concerned society for its community, environment, society, and ultimately nodding to its EH situations as a mere guest that moves through its body, and has no power to survive, allowing you to see the present moment for what it is. 
Moving gradually to a non-reactive state, aware of the energies around it but is not triggered, and thus uses its three pillars to positively influence its surrounding.
By Dutchess @ deldeyoch