My Reflection – May Forum

It is believed that the month of May got its name after the Greek goddess of growth.
Legend also has it in Old English, the month was referred to as the “month of three milking.” Unsurprisingly, this meant that during this month, you could milk your cows
up to three times per day!

May forum is an annual event held by the Association of Women in Boldness (AWiB).
This full day event showed clearly of these women’s boldness as they dared to discuss
about contemporary issues that are our society’s current concerns, invite guests to have
a panel discussion and also aspire to inspire the young generation, in particular women,
by hosting heroines whose stories is believed to inspire and share their experiences in
the magnificent UNECA conference hall.

The day began with a keynote address by the one and only W/ro. Aster Birke, such a
passionate, and vibrant woman who can speak just about anything with the ability to transmit that passion to the audience. she left a homework for everybody, because it was a mirror to show us where we were, and where we need to be. W/ro. Aster took her time in explaining the sadly reverse metamorphosis of the concept of unity in our nation within the past few decades.

After the keynote address was conducted it was time for the first official networking, where everyone gets to know everyone while sipping a cup of tea or coffee. After an hour or so later, the long-awaited panel discussion on Ethnic politics and leadership was set with panelists Dr. Fasil Nahum, Dr. Sisay Alemayehu, and W/ro. Seble along with the charismatic moderator W/rt. Abigeya Getachew. The discussion was so sweet, intense and enticing all at once that it had to be extended by half an hour, with the promise to be held longer in the near future. A delight it was to learn about the topic from law professors who could see the reality without distortion.

After lunch and more networking, three successful and leader-qualitied women; Dr. Tegust Gurema (M.D), W/ro. Genet Kebede, and W/ro. Andinet Feleke shared the stage with AWiB’s very own W/ro. Kemer Temam, as she facilitated the experience sharing stage and questions and answers from the audience. All these exemplary women presented their own
unique experiences and demonstrated what made them all leaders through their life experiences.

Dr. Tigust Gurema, a patriotic expat who left the world of comfort of an abroad life to fulfil
a childhood dream of better service for Ethiopian mothers started her speech by recalling the resilience she was born with, as she had to fight for survival from her very first arrival in this world, along with the good fortune she had as she lived in the city. She went on with her speech by underlining the need for passion, determination, self-confidence, cooperative
mindsets among women, selling oneself, to lead by example, with an emphasis on the usage of money to invest in humanity.

The next diva, W/ro. Genet Kebede, a calm, hardcore, passionate, resilient and an
experienced pioneer in the garment and manufacturing industry demonstrated the need to
love one’s job as an anchor to jump the hurdles life presents with every now and then, the
need to appreciate one’s self, to always keep on going, to chase excellence and let the money follow.

The third woman was Andinet Feleke, a contemporary, light and charismatic young entrepreneur in the tourism sector, presented to us her own unique life path, her core believes on opportunity identification, a rear view of failure, as a chance to learn and the need to pass through a process, she was distinct in underlining the need for innovative and contemporary solutions for current and unpredictable changes the day brings, she underlined to be open to fail, as it would mean to learn in the best way. Unsurprisingly, they all shared their vulnerability and the tough times they had endure to get to here they are today. These ladies were real life prototypes of what women can do.

It was an honor to attend this event. I was fortunate enough to have been introduced into
such environments at this time because it has, still is, shown me the possibilities outside the small bubble I was in. Although, I am still uncertain of the reason why AWiB chose the month of May for this forum, this event surely steeped up to the month’s Greek mythology as it facilitated three milking in one day; to network and meet alike minds, to be truly inspired and actually take a step towards the realization of the dreams, and to open eyes to possibilities.

Now tell me, where can one get this at such price and a delicious lunch with a great coffee?
Only on May Forum, in May!! And in every other month in the monthly events of AWiB.