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To Our Lost Lives

am in no shape or form, in the slightest, one to claim that I have any true and deep understanding of just how politics works. I am not one who can carry a conversation with an individual who is passionately describing any of the multiple scenarios that politics seems to play out in ourlives. In many ways, fortunately, but in so many ways, unfortunately, I am also not someone who ever allowed myself to educate myself on the basics of politics and its symbiotically intertwined meaning in our daily lives. I sadly am not. I am hopelessly disappointed with my lack of understanding of this beast called “Politics.”  I wish I could see the expressions on your faces as you read this. Is it a smile? Is it a smirk? Is it a judgment in wonderment? Theseare all the expressions I expressed to by myself when the thought and the inspiration of writing this piece came to me.

I’ve been enjoying reflecting by the fire most nights of the past month. I have seen that it helps with the current anxiety of everything that’s going on with the general pandemic’s madness; an obvious curse on humanity, but also a hard blessing to bear for humanity. I look at it this way: the pandemic could have turned into pure havoc resulting in chaos like we can never fathom.  But it’s as if the Universe—with all Her greatness, Her shear power and love for all Her human beings—decided to instead harness all of our collective wants for health and peace. Therefore,we are coming together as a people around the globe to tackle this craziness. I sometimes wonder to myself, “Wow, is She forgiving us this time?  Is She teaching us a difficultly great lesson?” Must be, because I don’t know about ya’ll, but I am learning a lesson every-day it seemssince this damn pandemic.

So amidst the very many lessons I have come to learn, one of them is of course, my absolute ignorance on the matters of politics and government. I am not proud of it, so I find myself learning one thing at a time. One bit of information here and another bit there. From friends to random strangers. From the local and international news to social media. All of it still leaves me perplexed more than ever. Is it maybe because I lean towards an emotional take on politics instead of also considering a logical and honest one? Meaning, do I get too lost in the strong emotions of situations that bother me instead of also taking a step back to try and understand the root, and obviously, the credibility of the scenarios presented to me? It’s nerve wracking, for someone like me. It’s being caught in a rock and a hard place, like they say.

Television.  The news. Hollywood movies.  Social media. And don’t forget the music. The influence of the West is of no denial to us all.  Our cultures and traditions, many slowly seeming to lack a place and a chapter in what I call “The Big History Book of the World. I mean the book with all the real stories documented. It’s something I am disappointed with, the education of my time. I was never taught the story of Africa. It’s sad. Anyways “The Big History Book of the World” is a book that I imagine handing over to my kids, to my grandkids, and who knows if lucky enough, even to my great grandkids. A real glimpse of what the world they are living in has really been made of.  The real story of Africa. And this involves the politics that have shaped us and, more specifically, the politics that have shaped our Ethiopia.

Politics is a dirty and devilishly required game for the continuity of this life. We can not do without it. We must come to terms with it. We must learn to understand it so we may influence it. Even if it is in the minutest ways we may think can not create an impact. I have learned that nothing is too little to do if it is the right thing to do. Nothing is too small of a gesture or an acknowledgment in the bettering of an unhealthy system of living. We need to keep creating open dialogue of brainstorming ways that the singular civilian, in whatever field of life they may be in, can still have the power to change hearts and minds to push for peace as an ideal to manifest towards. We must know and understand the truth and necessity behind this. We can’t just leave it up to the big players; even we small guys need to have our little parts to play in the push for peace.

We all have the power to push for peace and unity amongst ourselves, even in the face of adversity, pain, loss, anger and frustration. We still have the power to look through the storm clouds and swinging debris and continue to hope for the better. But we can’t just leave it to hope in ourselves alone. No, we have to help hope force herself in those around us that are loosing sight of Her. We lost a lot of lives just recently—an extremely barbaric, heart-wrenching scenario of politics playing with human life.  Voiceless lives sacrificed. Sacrificed, if anything, to the awakening of the ones that may not have been listening. The Universe can be cruel in Her disciplining, but She is firm. It might be time we listen. It might be time that we took our eyes away from our screens and the constant overload of unnecessary information about the West and its turmoil. And it may be time to instead look at our own. It’s no less of a civil warthat is going on in our backyard. We can no longer just look the other way.

  • To all the lives lost: May the Universe embrace your souls in Her arms as you finally lay in peace. May the sacrifice of your lives be one of the cures for this world’s sick heart.

Written by: Marthe Nzokou Giday