Show Up

Do you believe you can do it? Do you see yourself in that position? In that outfit; in that seat, in that responsibility role, in that transformed self? How do you want to show up in the world? Again, do you believe you can do it? You better, if you made the decision to change. Pause. Just for a minute. Stop and think about it. Remember when you wished for something better for yourself? You plotted, planned, daydreamed and immersed yourself in the vision of that different, better you; remember when you literarily got down and prayed for that imaginary version of you? And for some of us, with no true understanding of what actual praying means and yields? Go ahead, smile; you know who you are.

And its own beautiful way, perfectly timed, life turns your imagination into reality knocking at your door as an opportunity. And you consciously choose to make that decision. Blindfolded to the coming unknown, with only the belief that you will walk through that tunnel, carved especially for you, with challenges and obstacles specifically fashioned for you to succeed, never to fail, mind you. And come out through the other side totally transformed. Remember, when you made that decision?

Something truly fantastic occurs when this happens to you. That initial, first step, to the belief in yourself, your potential and your ultimate purpose in life, is when life sends you sweet breezes of hope, excitement and an exhilarating breath of fresh air. Your eyes open to life’s true gift to you; the ability to dream, to concoct anything possible under the sun that you can be, because you can be anything you want to be. The road is tricky, bumpy, dusty, and at times dark; hard in all definitions, but only because dreams come true only with hard work, chiseling the solid pieces of your foundation into your true form. Nothing good comes easy, nothing. It wouldn’t be good without the knowledge of how hard it was before. Don’t you think?

Anyways, if you’ve worked on yourself enough to witness your weakness and gradually worked on each one, peel by peel, with love and respect of the whole process to finding your true self, well, then you know when it’s your turn. It becomes clear as day when you are ready to open your eyes to your light. Some find that light very young, sure and with entire belief in their dream and the path to its achievement. Some find it later in life, enlightened after years of accumulated experiences of intelligence and wisdom.

What maters most is that there needs to be a strong belief of the coming change in your life; a belief that you are prepared to become a better version of your current self. A belief of the work that is about to come rushing into your driveway, brakes screeching as if to say, “it’s about damn time!” And when you start on your adventure to new terrains, that’s when you tell yourself, “What was I thinking?! I should have started and done this so long ago!” I think this blog is for those of us that have just got to their door of opportunity. To those of us saying goodbye to their past, to a certain extent or to the fullest extreme.

So how true are you to yourself? Have you committed enough to yourself to find all the corners and edges of your true identity inside and out? To reach to visibility requires you to accept your self as you are, flaws and all, in order to respect yourself enough to better yourself. And don’t forget, also to be able to respect all others. AWiB forces you to examine yourself and she takes no excuses as an answer. If you allow miss AWiB to show you some things with an open mind, you just might be surprised at what you find at the other end of yourself. And so here I am thanking AWiB, again. Last weekend we had the delightful opportunity to be blessed with our own Maski’s presence, to share in on our “self-worth” round-table-discussion. Thanks to her and Nahu, just when I was getting lost in finalizing my blog and coming up with a title, BING, she said it. “How do you show up to the world? …that is your awareness of your self-worth”. My AWiBers and readers, it all lies within you to find out who you are, what you love doing, what you want to bring to the table of life and appreciate and respect it. Know your worth and show up. The world awaits you!