Sewit Haileselassie – President

Sewit is a freelance consultant and a gender specialist with a background in Economics and Gender Studies. She is currently working as a Communications and Partnerships Expert in Addis Ababa University and has worked as a Journalist, researcher, consultant as well as gender expert in various organizations and projects.

Sewit’s passion is her work on gender and she is well known for her outspoken feminism. She is also crazy about her new found love, her kids, as a devoted mother of two.

As an AWiB board member she is looking forward to shaking things up while getting things done. She sees this opportunity as a way to grow as an individual while making a lasting impact among its current and future members.

Sewit loves to read anything from crime fiction to social analysis and articles on current issues.

Her goal in life is to learn. She is also a sucker for uplifiting conversation with good friends.