Kemer Temam – 2021 President

Kemer is the Managing Director and Co-founder at Barsebe Industries, a paper and plastic products manufacturing company. She has vast experience in business development and management, product development, and financial management. She also has extensive knowledge in the import and export industry working as an exports manager at Yesea Import and export company.

She strives to lead a purposeful life of service with a contribution to the community. She is passionate about continuous growth and change in herself and others, especially women. She has been working with AWIB for the past three years as a board and president to develop women leaders in the country by creating a platform and an opportunity for women to come together, share their experiences, find their inner potential, and transform themselves.

Always aspiring to make a positive difference in the lives around me, I am a dedicated young woman who strongly believes our main mission in life as humans is to bring change and leave a better world for all with whatever capacity is provided to us.  A mother of three children, I hold multiple positions in a family-run business that is engaged in the export and manufacturing sector.  In addition to my educational background in business management and economics, my skills in effective time management, task prioritization and effective delegation have helped me perform efficiently at work while maintaining a great work-life balance.   

I come from a community where girls are married off at a young age and have little-to-no opportunity to learn, grow and aspire bigger success and achievements in their lives.  These facts leave the girls socially, financially and emotionally dependent, which in turn leads them to face other issues such as domestic abuse and other social problems.  These and other challenges women face on an everyday basis outrage me, and I work to empower these young girls and women to change their fate. 

Since joining AWiB I have seen a great transformation in myself.  Being part of the AWiB family lets me know and understand myself better.  I was able to clarify my values, goals and mission which provide me focus and clear direction in my life.  By joining the AWiB leadership team, I believe I can further my personal growth, share and amplify what AWiB has done for me.  Through AWiB I hope to let women learn their capacity and achieve their full potential.