Menna Selamu

Co-Founder Prime Integrated Services [Prime]

Menna Selamu Bekele is a visionary leader and entrepreneur with a remarkable track record of transforming education and driving innovation. With a passion for empowering individuals through learning, she co- founded Prime Integrated Services [Prime], an industry-leading institution that revolutionizes professional skill development.
Prior to PRIME, Menna co-founded and led the development of Flipper International School, a prestigious K to 12 Cambridge accredited school in Ethiopia, currently serving more than 2700 students, and giving employment opportunities to 500 people. Her leadership extended beyond education, as she successfully orchestrated mergers and acquisitions by engaging prominent foreign direct investors for her school, solidifying its position as an international institution of excellence. Her dedication to innovation also transcended borders, as she co- founded UDS International Plc in 2002, a prominent organization in Ethiopia that supplied advanced banknote counters and counterfeit detection machines to banks across Ethiopia.
Menna Selamu Bekele holds an MBA from the University of Liverpool in the UK. Her strategic insight was further refined through her participation in the Stanford University Seed Transformation Program, a platform through which she sharpened her leadership skills and gained invaluable perspectives into scaling impactful ventures. Menna is a board chairman and co-founder of Eneho Fikir Charity organization supporting more than 1000 underprivileged primary and high school students and mothers in Addis Ababa. She also serves on the board of Nisir Microfinance.

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