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Vision Board

July 20 @ 9:00 am 12:00 pm

Vision Board

AWiB Resource Center


July 20, 2024

9 AM – 12 PM

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Vision Board

A vision board also known as dream board is a collection of words and images inspired by what we want our lives to be. They represent the changes we’d like to see, the accomplishments we’d like to make, and the dreams we’d like to come true.

Our busy schedules in today’s world make us feel like there is no time to consider what kind of life we actually want. We go through life doing what’s expected of us instead of taking time to look with in and find out what we truly want to do, have and be. Having a clear vision of what we want is the first huge step in the journey to attaining our vision. Vision boards are very practical tools we can use to clarify our visions and plan accordingly.

Upon completion of this workshop, you will:

  • Envision the best life you dream of through activities that prompt you to articulate and imagine it
  • Reflect on your desires and challenges and write about them
  • Explore the actions and plans you need to put in place to achieve your vision
  • Learn how to build your vision board and how to practice improving it with new ideas


This workshop will be facilitated by Kidist Wondimu, Personal Development Trainer & Owner, New Vision Plastic Terrazo Production Company.

Vision Board

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