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Health Smart

September 9, 2023 @ 9:00 am 4:00 pm

Health Smart

Saturday, September 9, 2023 from 9 AM – 4 PM

ARC(AWiB Resource Center)

Members Only!

Health Smart


Health Smart is a full day weekend activity which is packed with different topics related to our overall health. This year the three topics raised on this session are: The impact of stress, The benefits of walking, and The freedom earned from being honest to self. 

The Impact of Stress

Stress is a natural human reaction that occurs in everyone from time to time. It is the physical, emotional and intellectual response to different changes, challenges or threats weather they are real or perceived. Stress can affect all parts of our lives, including our emotions, behaviors, thinking ability, physical health, mental health and professional journey. 

Chronic stress can cause or worsen physical and mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, personality disorder, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, eating disorders, menstrual problems, hormonal imbalances, sexual dysfunctions, skin and hair problems. Overall stress can impact our personal and professional wellbeing hence we should find stress management tools fit for ourselves. 


Upon completion of this Seminar, you will:

• Understand the impact of stress on your day to day lives and relationships

• Identify the difference between chronic and acute stresswith some examples 

• Learn the different symptoms of chronic stress and how it leads to physical and mental illnesses 

• Reflect on your stress patterns and learn healthy ways to healthily manage it 

This Seminar will be facilitated by EGST’s Faith Leaders Capacity Development Project 

Facilitator: Seblewongel Tilahun, Project Officer with MA in Gender and health and Counseling psychology 

The Benefits of Walking

Walking is free, can be done at any time of the day and performed at our own pace. It is known as weight-bearing exercise since we carry your own weight as we walk.

Walking is a simple way to improve and maintain our overall health. A 30 minutes daily walk can increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat, and boost muscle power and endurance. Through improving the quality of our sleep and reducing stress walking is also beneficial to our mental health. 


Upon completion of this Seminar, you will:

• Understand the benefits of walking and how its effects on our mental and physical wellbeing

• Explore different ways to integrate walking into our routines 

• Reflect on your physical exercise habits and get tips on develop the habit of walking

Facilitator: Bethelhem Yimer, AWiBer

The Freedom Earned from Being Honest to Self

“The truth will set you free!”

Self-honesty is a trait with great importance but it is a topic rarely discussed. Being true to self is an act of self-respect, it means valuing what you think of yourself rather than what others think of you. When you are truthful with yourself, you start presenting your true self to the world without masking, hiding anything or being afraid of what others may think. 

Self-honesty is at the core of finding your true identity and gives you the freedom to be unapologetically you. When you are honest with yourself, you accept your weaknesses and work on improving them; you also take pride in your strengths and use them effectively. You become more grounded in who you are and what your goals are with an unshakable dedication to achieve them. 


Upon completion of this Seminar, you will:

• Understand the meaning of honesty to self and others 

• Reflect on the inquiry “Am I honest with myself?” & “Do I continuously give excuses to myself to justify my actions?”

• Identify the difference between negative self-talk and self-honesty

This workshop will be facilitated by AWiB, a membership-driven association that focuses on cultivating leadership & entrepreneurship.

Facilitator: Nahu S. Girma, Founder & Director at AWiB